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Sector Specific Portfolio

Our sector specific portfolio is informed by our understanding of the sector and the current climate. Our portfolio covers a breadth of blended development programmes which are uniquely targeted on the critical specialist expertise and skills required by the sector.

Specialist-led and discipline-specific

Every programme is designed and facilitated by a subject matter specialist in the related discipline drawing on their deep sector experience from which to develop those either newer to the sector or the professional discipline itself.

Our learning interventions are based around work-based scenarios, so clients leave with clarity, confidence and actionable plans to transform their own and others' capability.

Aerial view of people working at shared tables in a library
A traditional university building in front of a lawn

Example offers

Strategy, transformation and change

  • Writing in HE with impact

Harnessing higher education data

  • Building organisational data literacy

  • Delivering insight from information

  • Asking questions of your data

Education and student experience

  • Introducing service and organisation design


  • Embedding a research coaching culture

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