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Education & student experience

We integrate human-centered design thinking into how universities provide services and interactions with students. 

Supporting the student journey

The dominant narrative that has existed around the student journey is deeply transactional, misses how to enhance to student engagement and needs evolving. 

Through our framework, the Index of Belonging, we help teams across the university provide services to improve the student experience. We help you shift from a provider-led model to one that gives students the freedom to navigate their time at university, and access the support they require. 

Strive Higher will guide you to identify what qualitative value-added interactions need to exist to enhance the student experience, and then support you in developing interactions to improve engagement. 

Students coming and going on a campus lawn
View from behind of a graduate in a cap and gown looking out towards an auditorium

Changing student experiences

Some of the ways that we help you address changing student expectations:

  • Service Design of the student journey

  • Student recruitment support

  • Disability inclusivity

  • Curriculum Development

  • Service performance measurement

  • User Engagement

  • Campus Experience and Placemaking

  • Personal and Pastoral support

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