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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching portfolio reflects the varying needs of senior leaders and future talent across

a range of professional contexts, facilitated by highly-skilled and qualified coaches with a

deep understanding of the sector. Working in partnership with a coach will give you the time and space to reflect on and explore opportunities, clarify goals and take steps to achieve your objectives. 

'My Strive Higher coaching experience was incredible and hugely beneficial. My coach created a safe space to explore situations I found challenging and the chance to unpack the root cause of problems. The respectful challenge to my outlook and the presentation of other viewpoints guided me to think more broadly, to navigate my approach and to realise my power in scenarios where I had previously felt less comfortable. As a result, my confidence grew in my new role and I was happier with the challenges I faced.’

-Coaching client, Higher Education Director


ICF-qualified executive coaches

Our International Coaching Federation (ICF) qualified executive coaches span a broad range of professional backgrounds including research, education development, professional services, and school and department management. 


Our coaches provide space for reflection that leads to deep insight and propels our clients forward. From career coaching, to those stepping into executive level roles and those entering the sector afresh, our executive coaches provide a safe and stretching space to unlock their potential.

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Example offers

  • Executive presence coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Transitions coaching

  • New to the sector coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Research professionals coaching

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