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Transformation & Change

At Strive Higher we are focused on creating an environment and dialogue about choice, engagement, participation, and collaboration.

Our organisational model

Our organisational model brings clarity to the different relationships that exist and how those relationships can work in harmony given the complex dynamics within higher education institutions. It’s about understanding expectations, and ensuring mutual accountability is encouraged.


Universities are complex, federated organisations. As a result, processes that have evolved organically over many years can be misaligned across teams when it comes to the strategic needs and management of risk for the organisation. With this comes uncertainty around the levels of delegated permission required to step into true transformation and change.


We support you to clarify those roles and responsibilities and uncover what needs to shift in terms of your organisational model. This can include where handovers need to be, what the decision points are, and what the benefits of those changes will be.


Creating an ecosystem that enables clarity of roles, facilitates partnership working and promotes successful transformation and change is at the very heart of what we do.


This approach ensures all choices, solutions and opportunities remain yours - we support, coach, facilitate and work alongside you, while providing the strategic tools you need to solve problems and embrace opportunities in the future.

Person holding a laptop and writing plans on a whiteboard
Aerial view of a space with people working at tables with laptops and notebooks

How we deliver change

We work with you to develop and deliver programmes of change across a wide range of activities, including:

  • ​Operating Model Design 

  • Resource Allocation Models

  • Staff Experience Improvement

  • Insights and Decision Support

  • Professional Services redesign

  • Efficiencies and cost improvement

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