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Values & Culture

Post covid, universities are woking to move out of react-and-respond mode and into a more proactive approach. We can help.

Supporting University Culture

With all the social, cultural, and political shifts occurring to create more inclusive organisations, it is imperative that universities move out of react-and-respond mode and into a more proactive approach. 


Strive Higher works with you to establish these topics as a core part of how you navigate and demonstrate, in real terms, the values and culture that you aspire to. Making it part of the lived-experience for all who work and study within your institution. 


Strive Higher support universities in two ways: 


  1. Helping you address cultural issues of a very serious nature via crisis management plans to address urgent areas of concern. We help you develop an action plan that ensures key behavioural and cultural issues are addressed swiftly.

  2. Assisting you to develop a proactive cultural diagnostic that leaders can use to determine the cultural risks you are carrying by virtue of the way your organisation is set up. 

Students with backpacks walking into a large, red brick university building
People working together on computers at a shared table in a library

How we help

We work with you to articulate and embed values that foster a culture of belonging by assisting with: 


  • Culture Audits

  • Values Development

  • Embedding values into action

  • Leadership, Team, and Professional Development

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